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Order Conditions

The following conditions are agreed to upon purchasing from our store:

1) Purchaser understands that when installing the product, it may subject to local Building Codes which may require Permits and Inspections by local Building Department officials. Purchaser assumes all responsibility pertaining to permits and or inspections

2) Purchaser understands that this type of Code Approved Installation may be better suited for a Professional or (Hurricane Shutter Installation Company). This is due to training and experience that may be required along with other aspects that may be too complex for the average homeowner.

3) and the Manufacturer are not responsible for training the customer on how the product is to be installed correctly.

4) When installing product, Purchaser understands that there are Code approved applications and limitations that can be determined in the TPS Engineered Drawings. These applications may vary by region. These installation drawings are provided for customer access on the website.

5) is not responsible for determining what size product is needed for Homeowner application.

6) Purchaser understands that is not responsible for any applicable Insurance Discounts that may be sought after by Homeowner.

7) Purchaser understands that any modification of an existing installation or deviation from approved Installation Drawings may disqualify building owner from an insurance settlement in a claim resulting from Hurricane damage.

8) All Sales are final, no refunds.

Purchaser has read all items above. By purchasing from this website, I understand and agree that and Manufacturer are held 100% harmless and assume no liability whatsoever in any of the issues as listed above.

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